Elite Umbrella Pension & Provident Fund

 The Fund in a Nutshell

The Elite Fund Management umbrella fund is a retirement fund in which many employers and their employees participate in order to derive benefit from economies of scale. These cost savings ultimately translate into enhanced retirement pay-outs to members. It is a structure that enables employers to offer their employees packaged, flexible retirement savings and insured benefits.

Under the Elite Umbrella Funds, employers can choose to participate in a pension fund or a provident fund. A wide range of insured benefits are available that can be tailored at Sub-fund level.

The Elite Fund Management Umbrella Funds are administered through a leading edge Retirement Fund Administration platform offering an integrated member administration, financial reporting and investment administration to maximise flexibility while containing costs through Sanlam fund Administration. 

Why Choose the Elite Umbrella Funds?

–    Daily pricing: Because benefit payments are based on daily unit prices, the investment instructions can be effected according to the values of the specific day of the instruction.

–    Daily balancing: By balancing assets, liabilities and the ledger daily, there is complete accuracy in administering funds.

–     Workflow: Any transaction can be traced so that enquiries can be handled quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our real-time reporting, which can be accessed via the Internet, will always provide you with the latest available information.


Elite Wealth Management

Our planning embraces your important life-cycle needs: family protection, wealth
transfer and distribution, and most importantly, asset-building.We will furnish you with
a fully individualized domestic/cross border strategy of Investment Planning

  • – Financial Planning
  • – Unit trust
  • – Offshore Investment
  • – Endowments
  • – Share Portfolio


Elite Risk Planning

A well designed insurance plan will protect
your financial security and the security of those you love when unexpected
events occur. We offer a wide array of insurance products to meet
a wide array of needs.

  • – Life Insurance
  • – Disability & dread Disease
  • – Protect your income
  • – Cover for severe Illness
  • – Risk protection for your child’s education


Elite Estate and Fiduciary Services

Estate planning is an extremely important and
often complex decision you need to make during your lifetime. We will work with
seasoned providers to help you evaluate potential opportunities and risks,
devise a plan that provides for your beneficiaries and fulfills your goals,
while minimizing taxes and other expenses.


Elite Healthcare and Wellness

Identifying the ideal healthcare benefits for
employees is a complex and extensive process. Elite Fund Management carefully
analyses the options available to each client and recommends the best
healthcare plan and wellness strategy to suit their company’s needs. We
appreciate that what works for one client might have no relevance for another.

We believe that true wellness can only be achieved by health engagement and financial
security leading to peace of mind. . The road to true wellness is through
awareness, education and participation.
Our Services:

  • – Medical Schemes
  • – Medical Insurance
  • – Occupational Health
  • – Employee Wellness Programmes
  • – Wellness Days
  • – Gap Cover
  • – HIV Programmes & Policies